Mufflers required at KSP - see your rules for details
Images and video clips by Don Cook
THANK YOU to all of the racing fans, teams, track workers,
sponsors, safety crews and all others involved for a great 2019
racing season

The season has come to a close, but in less than a month we'll have
our schedule out at the Smiley's Racing Products Expo in Mesquite
at the Convention Center, so we'll look forward to seeing you all
there. Plus that will be the first time to get your team registered for
the 2020 season.

Also be watching for news for our annual Banquet. We'll post it
here as well.

Check out all the exciting racing action and family fun from last
our last event, go to: www.blogginisracin.com

KSP is a great 'vehicle' for businesses to connect with their target
market. We have a wide range of advertising possibilities available
- for all budget sizes. Just contact our track promoter.  To reach
Tony, please email him at
Our 2019 Schedule is also available in PDF (view/print) format without the black background. Click here to download it.

Don Cook photo
Here's a shot of the
Sprint Car Bandits
pre-race Fan Fest on
June 8th at KSP. We
appreciate their extra
efforts to get the race
teams in front of our

The 'Bandits will return
to KSP on two nights in
2020, March 28th and
September 26th, so
don't miss them!