Images and video clips by Don Cook, Mike Frieri and Mackensi Neighbors
Mufflers required at KSP - see your rules for details
OCTOBER 1, 2016 Crowd...
UPDATE 5/24:

Luckily we were able to get in the races on Saturday May
20th after that vigorous storm system blew through the
area on Friday night. It was nearly perfect weather
conditions for race time and we hope you enjoyed the
racing program.

Next up at KSP, IMCA points racing will be featuring IMCA
Sprint Cars, IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Southern Sport
Modifieds, IMCA Stock Cars and Factory Stocks is on tap
for Saturday May 27th. Plus the A-Class 600's will round
out the program. Adult admission is $13.

Saturday, May 27th the Pit gate opens at 4:00pm. Public
gate opens at 5:00pm, with Hot laps at 6:00pm  and
Racing at 7:00pm.

Admission prices are as follows: Adults, 12 years old and
up is $13.00. Military ID $10.00. Seniors 62 years old and
over $10.00. Children, 6 - 11 years old: $5.00 and
Youngsters, 5 and under: FREE. Pit passes are $30.00 for
all ages.

CLICK HERE for recap, video and pictures from Don Cook
from last Saturday 5/20/17.

KSP is a great 'vehicle' for businesses to connect with their
target market. We have a wide variety of advertising
possibilities available - for all budget sizes. Just contact our
track promoter. To reach Tony, please email him
Click here to view/print
2017 KSP schedule in text-only format
RaceSaver IMCA Sprint Car Winner -  George White
IMCA Stock Car Winner - Duain Pritchett
IMCA SportMod Winner - Kevin Crawford
IMCA Modified Winner  - Darryl Campbell
Factory Stock Winner - Chris Lough
NOTE: Jr. Mini's are off until 6/3! And corrected FS
body rules picture now updated in 'rules.'

Although KSP is not points racing on
July 1st, the track has been rented
and a two-day Factory Stock &
Limited Modified special will be
taking place!

To receive more information about
this event, contact Jason at
972-330-7075 and
JasonCook04@yahoo.com or Ryan
at 214-454-9525, as they are
promoting the event

(in other words,
contact them for ALL
event info, rules; etc. instead of KSP).

Thanks and we hope you can all take
in this big event kicking off the July
4th weekend at KSP!