4/28/18 George White -  IMCA RaceSaver Feature Winner
Images and video clips by Don Cook, Mike Frieri and Mackensi Neighbors
Mufflers required at KSP - see your rules for details
NEXT UP at KSP: Summit Racing Equipment Southern USMTS
Nationals - Oct. 31 through Nov. 3

POSTED 10/18/18 PM:

KSP has leased out our facility for this event, visit USMTS.com for all further

Visit the 'schedule' page for more information more upcoming events..as we have a lot
more in the pipeline!

KSP is a great 'vehicle' for businesses to connect with their target
market. We have a wide range of advertising possibilities available - for all budget sizes.
Just contact our track promoter.

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09/29/18 - Trevor Goad Winged 600 Feature Winner
09/29/18 Tommy Williams Jr. - Factory Stock Winner
09/29/18 James McCreery - SportMod Feature Winner
09/29/18 Colton Obregon - IMCA Stock Car Feature Winner

Don Cook photo
09/29/18 Donna Gafford - Factory Stock Feature Winner #2
COMPACT Division! -
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09/29/18 - Marvin Skinner, IMCA Modified Feature Winner
09/29/18 Logan Scherb - RaceSaver Sprint Car Feature Winner
09/29/18 Jimmy Rawlins - Jr. Mini Stock Feature Winner