Track Promoter, James Lopez 817-897-7102 email: KSPtrackinfo@yahoo.com
Track Phone: (817) 478-RACE (7223)
Physical Address: 6737 Hudson Village Creek Rd. Kennedale, Texas 76060
Mailing Address: 3332 CR 530B Burleson, Texas 76028


1.        The track promoter has the right to change the race program at any time for the improvement of racing.
2.        Everyone entering the pits must sign a release.  Driver will be responsible for people in his/her pit.
3.        Anyone under 16 must have signed minors release on file with the track.
4.        All cars must be checked in 30 minutes prior to race program or be subject to penalty. (If races are at 7pm, this means 6:30pm)
5.        No person allowed on track except those driving in the event.
6.        All cars must help pack the track or be subject to penalty.
7.        Any driver that changes cars must check in with pit steward and restart at rear.
8.        Rough driving penalties may result in suspensions at the discretion of the promoter.
9.        Cars going inside the light poles will be considered out of the race and will no longer be scored.
10.        Flat tires are not safe to race on.  Cars will have to go to Hot Pit or pits.
11.        Loss of fuel will result in car being asked to leave the track.
12.        Wrecker/push car will not load cars on trailers until completion of races.
13.        Consumption of alcoholic beverage by driver or his/her crew in advance of, or while competing at the track is strictly forbidden.  Any driver
showing evidence of alcohol consumption will be required to leave the premises immediately and may be subject to a fine of no less than $250.  Use of
illegal drugs at any time shall be cause for immediate, indefinite suspension and/or fine of no less than $250.   The management reserves the right to
check cars or any other personal property upon entering the Pit Area.
14.        Disorderly conduct of any kind may result in suspensions and fines or jail.
15.        Disorderly conduct by crew or family members will result in disqualification of related car.
16.        *Anyone going to the flag stand, or tower to argue race calls will be disqualified.
17.        Driver is sole spokesman for car owner and pit crew in any and all matters pertaining to the race and driver only shall take part in any arbitration
with the officials.
18.        *In the event of altercations you must stay in your own pit.  Anyone caught in another pit will be considered at fault.
19.        Any person involved in a serious infraction of the rules may be barred from Kennedale Speedway Park and other area tracks.
20.        Anyone filing a lawsuit against Kennedale Speedway Park, the promoter or any track officials will not be allowed on the premises until a settlement
can be reached.
21.        Anyone causing a major disturbance may be required to put up a cash deposit with track.  The deposit will be returned after the season if there
are no other infractions, otherwise the deposit will be forfeited.
22.        *Continuous development in racing may necessitate changes that cannot be anticipated.  Management reserves to update or modify rules at any
23.        Drivers will only be allowed to compete in more than one class per night with the permission of Kennedale Speedway Park.  An entry fee will be
charged for the second class.
24.        Four wheelers and pit vehicles will be allowed as long as they are safely operated.   If at any point a pit vehicle is noticed operating in an un-safe
manner it will be asked to be parked for the night.  Drivers will be responsible for his/her pit area.  Anyone caught littering, without pit passes, or acting in
an unsportsman like manner will be reflective on the driver.
25.        During a caution, NO ONE is allowed on the track or infield except track personnel and safety crews.  Anyone going onto the race track or infield
during competition, will be disqualified and are subject to being removed from the premises, possible fine, and/or loss of points.
26.        Only one person allowed on 4-wheelers used to push start sprint cars.
27.        Only towing vehicle, trailer and race cars allowed in the Pits.  No personnel vehicles allowed to park in the Pits.
28.        Any driver leaving his car to confront another driver well be disqualified, and are subject to being removed from the premises, possible fine, and/or
loss of championship points.
29.        All IMCA classes are subject to IMCA official rules not mentioned in these General rules for the track.  
30.          If a caution or red flag comes out & your race car will not move, do not get out of your car unless there is a KSP official telling you to do so. THIS


1.        Points will be awarded for “A” and “B” features only.  Feature wins will be worth 40 points with each position after that receiving 1 less point for each
position.  There will be no “show up points”.  Should a driver qualify for a feature event and not be able to make the race they will be awarded points for
the last position in the race they qualified for.
2.        If there are less than 10 entries, for each car less, one point fewer than normal is awarded for the feature finish.  Points will accrue in drivers name

1.        Pay card and number will cost $30.
2.        No money will be paid without pay card.
3.        Winnings will only be held for the next two races.  After that it will be forfeited.
4.        Anyone registering a car at Kennedale Speedway park will be given a set of rules and must agree to read and obey them.
5.        Car numbers and parking spaces will be reserved through registration of the next racing season.  Reserved parking spaces are reserved for nightly
events only.  Multi day races and special shows will be open parking.


1.        Flagman starts the race.  Pole car sets the pace.  On restarts the leader starts the race anytime after given the ok from the flag stand.  
2.        After 3 caution of race, all restarts will be single file until you pass the cone on the front straight.
3.        If a car is unable to start/restart the race all cars behind that cars position will advance one position (either directly or by criss-crossing at the tracks
discretion).  Cars that are late for their race will start on the back regardless of their qualifying position.
4.        If a race is stopped after the completion of one lap, cars will be lined up in the order in which they were running at the completion of the last full lap
before being stopped.  The car or cars causing the caution will restart on the rear.  (Not necessarily the cars that have to stop).  If a car causes a race
stoppage three times in the same race, that car will be sent to the pits, but will be scored and receive points for its finishing position as if it dropped out at
that time.  (Single car caution is in effect during all heat races)
5.        Any car losing parts that cause a caution may have to restart at the rear.
6.        Cars causing single car cautions during a the heat races will be asked to leave the track.  Cars will still be given a finish position for that race.
7.        Any car being lapped consistently by the field may be black flagged at the flagman’s discretion.
8.        Races may be stopped if it is unsafe to continue.
9.        Any race can be shortened if it is not competitive or due to excessive time to run event due to city noise curfew.
10.        Any car that “Jumps” a start/restart will be penalized two (2) places for every position gained.
11.        During red flags all cars must stop immediately and wait for instructions from officials.
12.        At the start of the race, front row cars must start side by side.  After two (2) bad starts, second row cars will move to the front and the front row
cars move back to the second row.
13.        Second place car has the right to select inside or outside lane on restarts.


1.        Each accident must be reported the night it occurs.
2.        All insurance is secondary and is provided by the track and sanctioning body.
3.        Promoter is not liable for any claim that is more than the track insurance covers.  Person must be signed in at the pit gate to be considered for
insurance coverage.


1.        All drivers must wear fire suits that are in good condition and that effectively cover the drivers body.  Fire proof gloves and neck braces are
required in all classes.
2.        Racing helmets are required.  Helmets must be in good condition.  Helmets with an “SA” sticker are required.  No motorcycle helmets allowed.
3.        A competition shoulder harness at least three (3) inches wide, and a lap belt at least three (3) inches wide are required.  No OEM factory type belts
will be allowed.  All belts must have at least one sub belt mounted between drivers legs.  All belts must be mounted to frame or cage with 3/8 or larger
aircraft type or grade 8 bolts.
4.        All cars must have an approved aluminum racing seat mounted to the frame or cage.
5.        All cars must have a window net that covers the majority of the window opening.  The net must be mounted at the bottom so it folds down when
unlatched.  Latches must be in the left hand corner.
6.        Roll bar padding is required anywhere the drivers body might contact the car.
7.        Windshield area must have a minimum of three (3) protection bars in front of driver that are at least 3/8 inch diameter.
8.        Batteries must be securely mounted to frame or cage..  If inside car must be in marine type box.
9.        No burning lights on car are allowed during competition.
10.        All drive shafts must be painted white and must have a functional protective loop six (6) inches back from center of front u-joint.
11.        All doors must be welded or bolted shut.
12.        Fuel lines must be safely mounted and properly clamped.  Fuel lines that pass through the drivers compartment must be inside of medal tubing or
13.        Racing type metal fuel cells only.  Fuel cell overflow hose must run to the bottom of the cell on the outside and be fastened at the bottom, or a ball
check valve must be used.  All fittings must be on top of cell.
14.        Fans must have protective shroud.
15.        All weights must be painted white with the car number on them.  All weights must be mounted with at least two (2) ½ inch bolts.  Weights will not be
allowed in the drivers compartment or outside of the body.  New cars that are not legal may be allowed to compete one (1) time at the discretion of track
officials.  Cars that are unsafe will not be allowed to compete.


1.        No mud or snow tires will be allowed.  Must run approved tire listed in rules for class of car competing in.
2.        No rearview mirrors or reflective sheet metal in drivers compartment.
3.        No radio transceivers or any kind of two way communications will be allowed.  
4.        Car numbers must be minimum four inches thick and 20 inches tall and clearly visible on both sides and roof.  Six inches tall on rear and front of car
if possible.  Alphanumeric letters used before or after a number must be a minimum of 12-inches tall. Unreadable numbers must be changed.
5.        All cars and their advertising must be clean and in good taste.  Vulgar writing or displays will not be permitted.


1.        Opening night and special event races will be draw re-draw.  The number of re-draws will be determined by the number of cars competing.  From
the second night on all races will be lined up by inverted season point average.  Point average is the total number of points you have divided by the
number of races you have competed in.  Any driver missing two (2) consecutive nights will lose their point average the next time they compete.  The next
week they will have their total point average again.


1.        Hot pit is open during feature races only.  You must use the hot pit for all repairs to your car.  If you leave the race track and pass the Hot Pit you
will be out of the race.  Kennedale Speedway park reserves the right to have cars re-enter under certain circumstances.  Hot Pit work will be limited to two
people per car or the minimum number of people it will take to complete the work.
2.        Cars re-entering the track after leaving the hot pit must wait until track steward gives the OK to re-enter the track.


1.        Only driver can file a protest.  Soliciting for contributions will not be permitted.
2.        All protest must be made before the race in writing to tech inspector.
3.        If a car is protested and found legal it will receive the full amount protested.  If the car is illegal the money will be returned to the protesting driver.
4.        A protested car must be disassembled within 30 minutes after being notified of the protest.  Failure to tear down will be the same as being found
illegal.  Cars that are found illegal will be subject to another tear down before the conclusion of the racing season.
5.        Protest fees are: $75 motor location, wheelbase, roll cage dimension.
6.        Protest fee for cubic inch check (pulling head) will be $200.
7.        Protest fee for complete engine tear down will be $500.
8.        Anything found illegal during tear down will result in a disqualification.
9.        Track has the option to tear down any cars at any time without a fee being paid.  There will be no re-funds for illegal race cars.

Kennedale Speedway park will have the final word in all rule decision. Kennedale Speedway Park has the right to interpret and or change rules
as they feel are necessary for the good of racing.
DIVISION SPECIFICS: Mufflers required at KSP

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Minor's Release Form:

Download  Minor Release Form HERE.

Fill it out and have it notarized for
anyone under 18 entering the pits,
or fill it out and DO NOT sign it and you can sign at the track in front of
a witness. This will save you time each week and/or help if you want to
send a minor to the track without a parent.

A working RACEceiver is required in all racing divisions.
ALL classes must run mufflers. Muffler Rules: Factory Stocks & Sport Compacts will be
required to run the Schoenfeld #609 . All others IMCA mufflers which is in the rules.
IMCA Modified, IMCA SportMod, IMCA stock cars 609, 930 or 935.